Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Q:  Does Stay Tucked work on ANY bed?

    A:  Stay Tucked will work on MOST beds.  If you have a mattress that sits on a hardwood floor rather than on a box spring, for instance, Stay Tucked will be more likely to slip out due to less friction helping to keep it in.  Other than that, if you are able to slide your hand under your mattress then you will be able to slide Stay Tucked under your mattress


2. Q: How does Stay Tucked work?

    A:  Stay Tucked works by placing a sheet, or any other covers you’d like to tuck, into the clamp and then placing it between your mattress and box spring.  The weight of the mattress, along with the friction between the sheets and the mattress, helps to anchor Stay Tucked in place.


3. Q:  How much force can Stay Tucked withstand without coming un-tucked?

    A:  Well, Stay Tucked was tested in many different mattresses with many different sized people doing their best to un-tuck it.  So far, none of these people have dislodged Stay Tucked under normal use.  That is, once installed, Stay Tucked will stay in place even against heavy tossing and turning.  If you really want to test it, get in your bed and wrap the sheets around your hand and pull like you imagine a bodybuilder pulling weight.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how hard you have to pull to un-tuck Stay Tucked.

4. Q: The clips don’t keep Stay Tucked straight while installing, are they defective?

    A:  No, your clips aren’t defective.  If you have a queen or king sized Stay Tucked, you must assemble the two halves using the clips before installation.  When installing Stay Tucked under the mattress, the clips may dislodge and Stay Tucked will bend in the middle.  This is actually by design.  We found that if the ‘teeth’ in the clips were too long, they would snap and break, rendering them completely useless.  As they are designed now, if they dislodge, you can simply rotate Stay Tucked back into alignment and the ‘teeth’ will pop back into their intended position.

5: Q:  I lost a clip, can I order another one?

    A:  Sure, you can e-mail us and we can fix that up, but we have an even better solution.  Get some duct tape, and tape the two halves of Stay Tucked together where the clips would otherwise be.  Not only will this connect the two halves of Stay Tucked, but when it is not in use or if you are transporting it you can easily fold it in half length-wise and carry it all in one piece!

6: Q: Can I tuck a comforter using Stay Tucked?

    A:  Stay Tucked was designed to hold just a sheet, a sheet and thin blanket, or a comforter.  Once you try to clamp more than 2 or 3 pieces of cloth, Stay Tucked can’t hold them all as easily.  It really all depends on how thick your bedding is.  Our advice would be to clamp a sheet, or a sheet and a thin blanket, and then toss your comforter on top but not tucked.  Not only will the un-tucked comforter make your whole bed look nice, but the friction between the tucked sheets and the un-tucked comforter will, for the most part, keep the comforter centered on your bed.

7: Q: I don’t see a Full sized Stay Tucked, why not?

    A:  In the course of developing Stay Tucked, we found that the majority of people have a Twin, Queen, or King bed.  Full, and California King sizes are coming soon!  In the mean time, if you are the owner of a Full sized bed you are encouraged to try our Twin sized Stay Tucked, just keep in mind that you will have to manually tuck a bit of extra sheet on either end.

8: Q: How long will Stay Tucked keep my sheets tucked for?

   A:  The average response we got while testing was 7 to 10 days.  Heavy pullers, or people with very smooth, silky sheets often see their Stay Tucked start to come dislodged a little sooner.  Likewise, people who toss and turn less or who use sheets with a bit more friction, can see Stay Tucked keep its hold into the 14 day area.  Of course, most people change their sheets every 7 to 10 days, so for 9/10 of our test users their sheets stayed tucked right up until they uninstalled it themselves to replace their bedding.

9: Q:  Is Stay Tucked a permanent installation?

    A:  Nope!  You install Stay Tucked when you put on new sheets, and you uninstall it when its time to change your sheets.  


10: Q:  Will Stay Tucked damage my sheets?

    A: Nope!  Once installed, when you pull on your sheets, the force is distributed along the entire length of Stay Tucked.  That means that the chances of a tear happening are very slim.  If you do manage to pull so hard on your sheets that a tear happens, however, that means that Stay Tucked did its job well and boy oh boy are you strong!

11:  Q:  Does Stay Tucked come in any colors?

      A:  Not at this time, though if there is a demand for it in the future we might release some colors.  Actually, when installed properly, Stay Tucked is so discrete that you can’t see it, so you don’t need to worry about it matching the color of your sheets!